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Author, Poet & Philosopher

"If only my mind was weighed in gold the world I could feed and clothe"

TV & Radio appearances and a Podcast show 'The Allens Investigate'.



Ronald Bailey close friend of late actor John Thaw and actress Sheila Hancock interviewed by Russell Hewitt and shortly before he died in December 1996. He discusses our astonishing meeting and his personal view of myself.

Kevin MacLeod - Resignation
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A Remarkable wedding Tale

If you don't believe in destiny or fate then the Allen's remarkable wedding tale will make you think again. Gary had never had a date with his wife Shona and from just one picture of her knew the date they would get engaged 14th February 2003. He also knew the date they would get married 23rd April 2004 and that it would be in a televised medieval wedding. Despite having never had a date he bought her an engagement ring and booked two flight tickets to Edinburgh for their engagement at Roslyn Chapel. For this to become reality they would have to get engaged within three months of him being given the message of the forthcoming future event. The date at the time was November 2002 when Gary first saw Shona's picture. Just three weeks before they were due to get engaged Gary had still not heard from Shona. A date let alone marriage would have been considered almost impossible. Then out of the blue he got a phone call from Shona 'I know that you know' she said. 'You know that I know what' he replied. 'I know you are going to marry me because I saw it in a vision'. And so it came to pass, they got engaged on Valentine's day 2003 and married on St George's day 2004 just as Gary was told. The tale which started on a train journey with a complete stranger being given a message by Gary in 1995, this in turn led to Gary being in Norwich some seven years later, part of a series of synchronistic happenings. The full story is in his book 'In search of the swan'. The story is simply too amazing to be true but it is. Just how did Gary get to see her picture? What happened in Norwich? How did having not one single date turn into marriage? Destiny sure had played a role in bringing the Allen's together on both sides. Gary and Shona had without question not only seen the future before it had happened, but were to see it all unfold before their eyes, and to realise some things in life are simply meant to be.


About the Bard

The Cockney Bard was born in Plaistow in London's East End. In early 1994 he discovered he had a remarkable ability when he suddenly had an incredible urge to write. On getting a pen and paper Gary began to write from some extraneous source beyond his own mind and imagination. Hundreds of words appeared from nowhere giving him insight into the future. Day after day Gary would be the pen for this extraneous source. These inspired writings in time brought him Poetry, Philosophy and many, many insights, not only into his own life but those of others. Numerous personalities came through in his writings in subjects ranging from love to the mind through to war and death. He had became educated by this source to such a degree he became the gift itself. Gary over the years has also had many remarkable healing experiences by means which he calls 'natural healing'. He believes we all as human beings not only have the sixth sense, the gift of insight into past. present and future but also the ability to heal with our hands helping both humans and animal alike. Gary brings his story in his book 'In Search of the Swan' his Philosophy in his book 'A Thinking Man and his Poetical works in his book 'Dead Poet's Pen'. On his media page you can see some of his works put to video and film. Gary is currently writing a further book 'Much Ado About Something' about the Shakespeare authorship question, which he for many years has had a passion for, discovering some very interesting things along the way. One should carefully read Shakespeare's sonnet number 86, for therein a great truth is contained.

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IN SEARCH OF THE SWAN, A THINKING MAN & DEAD POETS PEN in paperback also Ebook versions for tablet and mobile available on Amazon. Audio versions available soon.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book

In Search of The Swan has some amazing stories within. It is a brilliant book that has to be read to be believed. Simply astonishing and the best part of it is the evidence is all substantiated. WOW!

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars What a great read

I was riveted from the start of this book. It was a great read, Gary's words made me feel so relaxed as i read the book,I cannot explain. Such a wonderful story, this is a must read book.



5.0 out of 5 stars In Search of the Swan

Once i started to read this book i couldnt put it down! it kept me interested right through to the end. It had sensitivity and gave you food for thought it was beautifully written about his roller coaster of his life how he met his wife, his destiny, His encredible gift, how his story unfolds a wonderful tender romance. a highly recommended read indeed!

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