Born in London's East End in 1960. I left school early without having achieved anything of merit, but have been educated beyond my wildest dreams since by an extraneous source which has gulled (fed) me with intelligence for the last 25 years or so. I currently live in Norfolk with my beautiful and very talented wife Shona and my daughter Amber Rose. I am often asked where the name the 'Cockney Bard' originated.  It was a name given to me by the wife. Two weeks later we discovered it was a name given to Poet John Keats as a derogatory term. I loved it and so it stayed.


My story began way back in 1994 when I had a most amazing but bizarre experience,  a sudden and overwhelming desire to write.  I picked up a pen and paper from the draw and began to write at great speed. After around two minutes I had over 260 words on the paper before me. There was no pause, punctuation or grammar and not a single thought had entered my head.  On reading the paper it became clear to me that someone from some extraneous source was talking to me via the writing I was receiving.  On telephoning a friend he laughed at what I had told him but decided to come and see for himself. On entering the front door for some inexplicable reason I grabbed hold of his shoulder and he then began moving his arm in a clockwise direction. "What did you just do?" he said.  "I busted my arm in karate and haven't been able to move it like that in years. It's amazing!" I began to question myself what the hell was happening. I was shocked at what he had said. He then asked if I could show him the paper. "That doesn't sound like you. Could you write again? "I will try" I replied.  Once again at great speed I began to write. After I had finished he asked me to read what was said. I came to the bit when it read his wife had a doctor's appointment the previous day. So shocked was he by this revelation he spurted his coffee everywhere. "Was I having an affair with his wife?" He asked. "How did you know that?" On telephoning her she confirmed I had not seen her for some five years. So shocked was my friend by what he had witnessed I never saw him for ten years afterwards. This astonishing happening fascinated me so much that everyday I would pick up the pen and everyday the same thing would happen. Within three months I was hearing the voice/s at which point I then began to write profound philosophy and wonderful poetry and things I was told would happen did. I was even told to go places where I would meet people I knew not, this too led to amazing happenings. Many incredible and true stories are in my book 'In Search of the Swan,' the poetry in 'Dead Poets Pen' and the philosophy in the book 'A Thinking Man'.


The writings continue to this very day. The ability is a 24/7 one which has brought me such amazing insight and a passion for the works derived from it. I have also had many remarkable things happen with the healing with the hands helping humans and animals alike. It is a truly remarkable and explainable ability which  according to conventional understanding should not happen but it does. No one has yet come to a rational conclusion as to what it is and how it works.  What it is will challenge the highest and most brilliant of mind. I am open to any scientist worldwide to disprove the abilities but it is never going to happen.

In Search of the Swan

     Author Poet Philosopher

The Cockney Bard

'Truth is beauty and beauty is truth and that is all ye need to know' -    John Keats