In Search of the Swan

Myself and Shona have been happily married for over 16 years and have one child. I first saw a picture of Shona in November 2002 and through the ability of intuition knew that this was the girl I would marry. I was also told through my ability the exact date of the engagement that being the 14th February 2003 and the exact date of the wedding 23rd April 2004 (St Georges Day). I was also told that it would be a medieval wedding. So I bought Shona a ring and booked two flight tickets to Edinburgh for our engagement at the magnificent Roslyn Chapel. The only drawback was that Shona had no idea of my plans, in fact we had never even been on a date!


To cut a long story short, against all the odds and just three months from me first seeing the picture we got engaged and married on the said predicted dates. It was indeed in a fairy tale medieval wedding with jousting knights and minstrels. ITV and the BBC captured the whole event (pictured left Kim Riley and his TV crew from the BBC). As a couple we are living proof that the future can be seen and predicted before it happens.


The full remarkable tale that began on a train journey to Essex many years previous and led me to Norfolk is among many other incredible stories in my book out shortly 'In Search of the Swan'.  


For those who are wondering... No, we never did have a single date!


Below picture with our daughter Amber Rose produce of the remarkable wedding tale at a BBC Radio Interview.

   A Remarkable Wedding Tale


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