In Search of the Swan

I love doing talks, bigger the better, more the merrier. I challenge the audience to come up with answers, alas even the highest of minds fail! - G Allen

Some before now have laughed out of ignorance when told about the gifts/abilities. However; when shown & demonstrated before them they laughed no more - G Allen

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Need help in understanding the theme of this website? Here is a CLUE......

Sonnet 86 of Shakespeare 'He, nor that affable familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds) him with intelligence'

Believe no one, question everything & beneath the wealth of fallacy, dross & lies truth will be there somewhere. It simply needs finding! - G Allen

A truly incredible exponent of spirit conversing, fed with intelligence. If you think its nonsense, can & are willing to demonstrate & prove why its nonsense then:



Famous American Magician & Sceptic James Randi wouldn't challenge the Bard will you?

***There is a One Million Pound Prize to anyone who can prove this is fake. Writing quickly, and producing a memorised piece pretending it is channelled, will not I am afraid suffice as proof this is fake, I am fraud. What will is being able to dismantle all I have & demonstrate how it is done.

The Bard welcomes genuine TV or Radio debate. The finer & higher your mind the better!


The Sixth Sense - Intuition - psychic ability call it what you will.

The reality is we all have this ability. Believers, non believers, even the most ardent sceptics. It is a natural ability innate within ALL human beings, even the animal kingdom. There will be those whose ability outshines others, like all abilities it is variable from one to another. There are lots of charletons & those who think they understand but often these do a great disservice to the truly gifted & genuine. (See Conversing Spirits)

Healings hands - spiritual healing - reiki - natural healing call that what you like.

Again an innate ability ALL human being have. Believers. non believers, even the most ardent sceptics. Again there will be those whose ability outshines others, like all abilities it is variable from one human being to another. The animal kingdom too will have their own way of naturally healing.

Don't believe the nonsense it is a magical power, paranormal, supernatural, that other people can empower you. You are already empowered. it is NATURAL. No one truly understands it. If they claim they do they are deceiving themselves. Many even fear it due to misconceptions. Nature has brought mankind an abundance of treasures these are simply two of them.

Sceptic ...a word whose origin comes from 1580s, "member of an ancient Greek school that doubted the possibility of real knowledge."

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